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Pets near childrenUndoubtedly, children are very fond of animals, regardless of their affiliation to domestic or wild species. Full understanding without words and totally unselfish love shaggy or feathered friend contribute to the development of emotional and cognitive development of the baby. That is why the issue of purchasing a pet should be treated favorably.

Always playful and affectionate, pet tenderly apply to the active restless, and silent thinker. But, nevertheless, visiting a pet store to choose a pet, do not forget about the peculiarities of character and temperament of the child.

Animal House — it's not just general fun and games, but also the opportunity to instill in the child a sense of care and responsibility to close our beings. Thus, for a quiet child who prefers active play smart, fit cute hamsters, guinea pigs and chinchillas. But for an active toddler should give their choice speaker parrots, cats and dogs rare breeds that require athletic training.

Astrology tells

It is believed that the relevant date of birth of the child planet have a direct impact on the character and temperament of the child. With the development of modern astrology many parents use to choose a pet just astrological horoscopes compatibility pets and their new owners. But those adults who do not believe in astrology, almost completely ignore the interpretation and shop according to your wishes and the wishes of their children.

Medicine against

Do not forget that in selecting a pet, there are some contraindications. Thus, children with the presence of allergy to dander and bird feathers worth buying an animal that is not a carrier of a dangerous allergen. And not to be faced with the development of diseases such as shingles and worm infestations, it is necessary to teach children to care for his younger friend.

Yet pet — it is always a good mood and joy to all family members. Selfless little creatures develop a child's moral, logical thinking, consciousness and sociability. With proper construction of questions about choosing a pet in the family peace and happiness prevail.

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