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Toothache.  What to do?You run to the dentist only with acute toothache, bleeding gums and in general do not pay attention? But in vain, because it is the beginning of periodontitis.

Never too late

Dentists are sure the main cause of periodontitis is that we properly clean your teeth. Few of us regularly use dental flosses (floss for cleaning interdental spaces). Poorly cleaned plaque eventually turns into tartar, which accumulates during microbes. In time between the tooth and the gum is formed periodontal pockets — a gathering of infection.

Tooth abnormality

Periodontal — tissues that surround and hold the tooth (bone, gums, mucous membrane and ligaments). When the infection affects the soft tissue and bone, periodontal disease occurs. There are swelling, redness, bleeding gums (1-stage disease), tooth begins to react to hot and cold, added halitosis. Untreated teeth rozhytuyutsya, and there is a risk of loss. So far there is no consensus on the causes of dental anomalies. It is believed that it is a complex health problems and poorly supplied seal.

Learn to clean all the rules

The best prevention of periodontitis — the correct brushing. Cleans all surfaces — buccal, lingual and chewy. Particular attention is paid not only to the front molars and teeth and roots. After all, eights and sevens are first threatened periodontitis. Choose paste with fluoride and antibacterial agents, artificial bristle brush with medium stiffness, and better electrical. It not only cleans teeth, but also massages the gums.

Under local anesthesia

If the depth of the gingival sulcus than 5 mm, appoint closed curettage. The doctor under local anesthesia manually removes deposits and clean the periodontal pocket. Periodontitis successfully treated by laser, and in severe cases, surgery is required. The success of treatment depends largely on the stage of the disease.

Charging for teeth

All products "melt" in your mouth — a potential danger to the teeth and gums. They, like our muscles need regular load. The only way they will keep the shape and happy beautiful smile. Try to regularly eat whole nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. Solid food promotes natural massage gums, removal of soft plaque. At work, often snack apple or carrot.

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