Zahystysya of stress


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Zahystysya of stressIf our distant ancestor who lived, for example, the years 500 — 600 is fired into a modern metropolis, it would be to put it mildly impressed. Streams of cars, people, noise, confusion. Our life really takes place in the bustle and hurry, because we want to accomplish as much in a day, make it all the meetings and solve all problems. The result of this race is not very nice: stress, anxiety. You feel something like that? Do not rush to the pharmacy for an effective sedative. Confront troubles of modern life can be another way. Perhaps you have already heard in meditation. Noticed that focus on positive images stabilizes mind and brings inner peace to harmony. Do not think that meditation is difficult to master. Of course, this is in some ways work, but the work enjoyable. After meditating, you're improving yourself.

Right nastroysya

Why not spend the first session right now! After all, it takes quite a bit — a quiet room (it's easier to focus) and the desire to meditation. The first pair will be difficult for you to forget about everyday problems. During the first session of meditation every now and then will arise the thought of unfinished business and important meetings. Let it not bother you. Do not interrupt the session! Things will never run out, and your patience may be exhausted. So pity yourself and remove internal stress through meditation. After the first session you will understand how strong and clear your mind has become.

The territory of peace

House — one of the most convenient places for meditation. In the native walls there is tranquility, comfort, and therefore it will be easier to relax. Arrange a special place for your relaxation. Let it be a quiet room with a beautiful view from the window. Arrange your favorite flowers, candles, incense. Turn slow music, it will deposit the desired rhythm to your breathing. And most importantly, do so to nothing and you are not distracted. Unplug the phone, turn off the TV and ask relatives not to go into the room. You can even hang a sign on the door of his sanctuary that says "request not bother! I meditate … ". Probably native to their understanding your new capture and allow you to be alone with him.

Live contemplating

You can relax and work. You do not need to take the pose of a lotus. Enough to put a hourglass and sometimes contemplate the fleeting sandy stream. Remember the public wisdom: You can watch endlessly on three things — water, fire, and how is that person. Just zahoplyuysya.

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