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Children's educational games Lego If the first game was focused on episodes 1 ("The Phantom Menace"), 2 ("Attack of the Clones") and 3 ("Revenge of the Sith"), then LEGO Star Wars II uses these iconic pieces to tell the children the story of this movie " New Hope, "" The Empire Strikes Back "and" Return of the Jedi. "

 Option to purchase lego games will be given next year. In the new version, you can access up to 18 levels of the game, plus a few bonuses, new game modes, and the addition of missions, such as "bounty hunter." 

As in the previous game, you play through Lego-Ized version history of each film, you can pre-buy designer lego for car assembly, currency LEGO Star Wars universe remains constant. Upon completion of any level, go shopping section, where there are tips that allow you to unlock characters, bonus features, and gold pieces. You can access more than 50 characters and even move to another advantage of the first game, allowing, for example, use one character by moving it to another part. 

Such as children's designer lego Star Wars II go beyond the original space, giving you the creatures and vehicles for use at other levels of the game.

 Besides, Kids designer lego, including spacecraft, a new level of riding is not on rails, offered freedom to travel at will, thus you can make space battles in asteroid fields. 

You can even buy designer lego in free play, so you can switch between characters at foot level, and now vehicles receive a bonus for each level passed after collecting all the necessary parts. 

Added many new items to collect as you play through each level, including the gold and red of the government. Interesting bonus — which is credited with starting a new game level and collect all 99 pieces, it is called Lego City. If you collect all 99 of them, you can build a fountain that is fenced in with thorns. The red part of the government offer various bonuses such as double damage for the gun and the sword, arrows pointing to the target, invincibility, and more. Finally, everyone can buy lego games which now actually create objects with cubes, with the specific nature of the attacks, such as the ability to pull weapons from his enemies seekers.

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