Dessert for the skin


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Dessert for the skinI notice that the skin tone began to lose? She just does not like to diet. Give her calorie diet. And regularly! Apply cream in the evening. These tools can even be called a night — mainly if they are for skin care. But, paradoxically, they can not be applied before going to bed! They enjoy an hour and a half to sleep and put a very thin layer. The fact that these creams have properties to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis and retain moisture. Therefore, in order not to wake up in the morning with a swollen face, does not make use night cream before bed. In nourishing cream especially require the owner of dry, dehydrated skin. But oily skin need food! Do amendment skin type — Do not use greasy creams.

Help your lips.

The skin of the lips, as well as the skin under the eyes requires special care. Because there is virtually no sebaceous glands! So these delicate areas require constant moisture and a special diet. For skin lip balms make cosmetics manufacturers based waxes, such as beeswax. The molecules form of wax on the surface of the skin waterproof film, and other nutrients contribute to regeneration

alleviation and food lips. Many balms also contain UV protection.

Regarding hormonosoderzhaschih prokonsultuysya funds from a beautician. Liquid emulsion cream ideal for dry, flaky skin.

Vitamins in capsules.

By means of the body must be used even if you are absolutely sure in good condition own skin. Indeed, as we already know, the skin should be "fed" both inside and out! If you carefully read the summary in your cream, you probably will see the word "liposomes", "nanosomy" or "nanocapsules". It is not nothing but a kind of "container" that deliver nutrients in different layers of our skin.

What is "fed" skin? Natural — fats, such as lanolin, cold pressed vegetable oils — olive, almond, brown and so on, vitamins C, A (retinol), PP, E (tocopherol).

You can pamper your skin seafood — extract protein structures plankton or fish eggs, and mineral elements, and extracts of algae — the latter contribute to the modeling of the figures.

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