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Going on vacation! Summer is approaching and we are increasingly dreaming about vacation, recreation, sea … To start, decide where you want to rest: in Russia or abroad. In the sea there are beautiful places and … Sea too. The most popular summer vacation spot: Lake Baikal, Altai Mountains, Lake. Shira, the Black Sea coast. For lovers "savages" fit the first three options. Those who prefer to spend holidays "civilian" we advise to rest on the Black Sea Anapa, Sukko, Gelendzhik, Sochi, Tuapse, Kabardinka, Adler, Novorossiysk, Temryuk — the most popular places. As the saying goes "if you want" you can find the cheapest vacation option. As always, it depends on environmental conditions. If you still have accommodation — so that the roof was over your head, you can rent a room "grandmother" and 100 and 50 rubles! And if you want VIP-conditions, then it is better to go abroad — even cheaper than out, for example, than rest in Sochi (is it really expensive resort).

So, let's go "over the hill". But where exactly? Now we may choose!

1. Turkey. There is a feeling that summer is flying to Turkey all Russia. And, though at the moment this country is also a popular resort for Russians as domestic Black Sea coast. Sea, nice historical places, discos, restaurants — everything a holiday in Turkey! And quite inexpensive — about $ 800 for 12 days.

2. Thailand — holiday all year round! Here, apart from the sea, an incredible amount of entertainment. And when you discover more surprised beauties of nature, exotic animals and plants. For fans of disco nightlife is bustling every night and attracts new programs and proposals. Crocodile Farm, a show of transvestites, snake farm, ride on elephants, safari park and it's not all the attractions of Thailand. Tour cost — about $ 800-900 for 2 weeks.

3. Egypt. It is one of the inexpensive resorts. Exotic, the world's longest river Nile, the sea and a nice tan. And all this is available for just $ 500 for 2 weeks!

4. Greece. This country is famous as a fur-rounds and stunning places: ancient buildings, monuments, architecture … Infinitely many stories, myths, legends, which attract and fascinate. Here you can relax about $ 500 for 14 days.

5. Bulgaria. Bulgaria is famous for its hot sun, the famous resort of magnificent sea. Favorable health temperature, low salinity seawater — this famous Bulgaria. The cost of the resort — about $ 800 for 2 weeks.

6. Tunisia. Holidays in Tunisia is ideal for those who prefer the beach, sun, sea, exotic. Here is the opportunity to travel on camels in the desert and see the sunset over the dunes! Cost about $ 800.

We spoke briefly only a few options for vacation. Choose you. Remember that for the tours listed by us are average. All prices depend on the star hotel and meals at the hotel.

Enjoy your stay and a good tan!

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