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If a child is lonely, what to do?Children — being open and curious. At least most of them. But there are those who are not eager to talk. They live in a confined space, like in a shell and entice them out is not so easy. But it should be! Gloomy, taciturn, shy — such epithets usually closed reward children. In fact, shyness — it's not about them. Shy want to chat, but do not know how and are afraid. A closed do not want and can not. They are in my little world, letting him only next: mother, father, grandmother, favorite cat or hamster. Parents are often blamed for closure of sophistication and talent — say, such a child with normal kids simply uninteresting. And if so, then there is nothing to it TORSAT. However, psychologists are convinced that this is a mistake! People-"cases" are often deeply unhappy because they can not join the bustling, dynamic and alien to their world. And the little "etui" — is no exception.

No one will say nothing

Researchers believe that the reasons for the closure to be found in early childhood. Specifically — the duration of pregnancy. If the child was born severely premature for up to 33 weeks, it is likely to become an introvert (person oriented itself). Perhaps the reason for it — babe long isolation from the mother immediately after birth (preterm infants placed in kuvez — a special chamber which maintained a certain temperature, humidity, etc.). However, to write off all but one wrong prematurity. A child can go to yourselves, if the patient is tired or absorbed some personal issues. However, in such cases, escape into gloom usually does not last long. A much more serious situation where nelyudymost is caused by some external circumstances. For example, students may withdraw in response to bullying peers if they tease them for completeness, glasses or stuttering young children — in response to quarrel parents. In the first case, the child is easier to separate from reality impenetrable wall than constantly fend off attackers. The second kid says that the best way to reconcile my mom and dad — to become invisible, as is inherent in all children disassembly adults blame themselves. Closure may be due to the fact that the child was communicating with children. For example, often sick, do not go to kindergarten, all the while carrying on her grandmother or mother. -

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