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All - timePick the right skin care based on age and continue their youth!

You say that you're my mother and I look alike beauty? Excellent! But you should know that the cosmetics that you use must always be different! The main task — to provide proper and adequate care for skin of all ages to always be in great shape! Now raise up objects of observation!


With 20 years. Cleanse the skin morning and evening from dirt and makeup using a gel cleanser, because at that age the skin tender, sensitive and prone to irritation and rashes.

With 40 years. You will approach a moisturizing lotion makeup remover, it gently cleanses the skin of impurities and nourishes, enhancing metabolic processes in cells.


With 20 years. Pick up an effective remedy for swelling and dark circles under the eyes, it will help you fight the signs of fatigue and the skin acquires a healthy glowing look!

With 40 years. The main enemy — puffiness and wrinkles! In aid of creams Eye contour with vitamin E and antioxidants that keep skin youthful and keep it from pavutynok time.

Care legs.

With 20 years. After the dances, or a long walk the streets, your foot will require proper rest! Take care of them and throw it in the bag gel insoles for such occasions!

With 40 years. To skin on your feet always remained soft and not coarse, do not forget to fill up your arsenal of cosmetic exfoliating scrubs and lotions for skin emollient feet. And be sure to take care of the prevention of varicose veins.

The challenge for the day.

With 20 years. Use cream, enriched with vitamins and minerals.

With 40 years. Pick a cream that intensely moisturizes the skin, fatigue, smoothes wrinkles and stimulates the regeneration of cells.

For body.

With 20 years. For a young, smooth and delicate skin Apply body lotion with softening and feed ingredient that maintains its elasticity and energizes.

With 40 years. Please pay attention to the area of the neck and neck! This will help you modelyator against wrinkles. They stimulate collagen synthesis and inhibit the aging process.

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