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An Ideal Husband: What is it?Our — my grandmother — relieved — granddaughter took over the mind and want to close them was — true — people. One that will support them and support. Time ", the eternal boy" — with napomadzhenym — hair over. — Feminine — and — painfully sensitive to their appearance, men who lead an extravagant lifestyle and have a sound knowledge of balms body has no one interesting. David Beckham icon metrosexuals, dismissed. This English footballer who publicly admitted that he likes to occasionally wear … lingerie, was full. Of course, athletes still evoke tender feelings in women. But now attracts us, above all, their physical form, muscular back and … a little crazy lifestyle! And no shaving your legs or chest.

Spetsnazivets, fireman, pilot, boxer, football player — that's five male professions whose members are most sympathetic to the fairer sex.

— There is no doubt that Russian girls are sad for purely male character — confirms Professor Sergey Izotov, sexologist. He made a comment to the results of research on the topic matter what profession should be a man of dreams. According to these results, in addition to physical strength we appreciate in a partner and certain character traits: self-esteem, perseverance, independence, ability to take risks. The perfect man as mentally stable, knows what he wants and can achieve the goal.

Taking into account the fact that we have recently favored the guys with whom you can talk and share about my gear cream, we must admit that this is quite a radical change. Why? Modern men for decades used the same strategy to win over a woman. Their four: femininity, partnership, leaving men in typical areas of life, and the strategy macho. Let's see which one is the most effective way.

A man like a woman?

Never in my life! Example "-obabivaniya" — can serve as a time-tial metroseksu type that just does not justify itself in our time. Why do we need a man who is focused on their appearance than with us? Nursing women in traditionally male-dominated areas — very very bad choice. We do not like selfish, focused on their own careers and are looking for a wife ", Kitchen and Children" -.


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