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Perfect DietWho says there is no perfect diet? Certainly not psychologists. Perfect meal should consist of a large portion of health and no less satisfying portions. For dessert, allow yourself a pinch of weakness — without the guilt!

Recently we adored Bridget — Jones — Manic count calories. Now we are pleased to admire the heroine — the film "Eat, Pray, Love" -. For breakfast she namynaye turkey, instead of remorse buy jeans one size larger. — Julia — Roberts — who plays this role, the director had to say that women will love this movie is not for the sincerity, and by the fact that impunity will finally have. When the screen sound magic spell "-Spaghetti Carbonara! And the dessert! "- And on the table appear-divine — food, I want to run out of the theater and go to the nearest Italian restaurant.

However, before you take pity on us and nonchalance with which Roberta absorbing plate of pasta, be aware that the script of our lives may not be the same as the heroine of the film. And after that we will have a completely ob'edalovki handsome face with Javier Bardem. And the idea of the title of the film we will only prayer — that as soon as possible to get into old jeans.

All of us are tormented age-old question: "Why are all-bad — so delicious?" — Marketing tricks by which sold books about losing weight like "French women do not get fat," — or "-forever young Japanese women" — that promote not any specific list of products and moderation. Food Psychologists believe that the ban, which often occur in the diets themselves are a source of problems with weight. Sooner or later we begin to think about manic forbidden foods feel irritation, seek relief, something that calms us, and we find it in the food … Loses control, we are tormented by hunger wolf attack, then — the boomerang effect, and eventually we deny ourselves even more. The whole cycle is repeated fasting and overeating again.

Constant weight fluctuations are accompanied by depression. Carefully "-right" — a diet often leads to a complete loss of control over food intake, causes serious diseases that require long-term care, such as anorexia or bulimia. If you want to get rid of weight loss mania, be free from thinking about food! So says a French nutritionist Ariane Hrumbah. Her cookery courses combine gastronomy and psychology. -

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