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Sting da good!Shirts nettle help relieve magical spell on the princes turned into swans. But the grass is not capable for such a miracle!

People say that "one of the seven doctors nettle stands." And for good reason! This plant — piggy vitamins. Ascorbic acid — 2 times more than currants are carotene and vitamin K, firming vessels. Also nettles — many amino acids and more chlorophyll, tannins, flavonoids, organic acids (oxalic, succinic, citric, etc.) and a lot of calcium. Nettle fibers contain lignin and polysaccharides that help eliminate toxins. And for this protein burning grass is not inferior beans.

Nettles are used in fresh or dried form. Since it is possible to prepare Brooms. Before use it is necessary to take in hot and then in cold water alternately for about two minutes. Thanks, this broom for circulation and for treating rheumatism.

Also nettles can preserve for the winter. This recipe pickles: 1 kg nettle — 2 tablespoons salt. But pickling: 5 kg nettle — 4 tablespoons of salt. The leaves are washed and put in a bowl with carrots, apples, cranberries and cranberry, pour salt. Be sure to place the wick on top, or nettle zaplisnyaviye.

It is easier to list the diseases in which the nettles are not used. It is used for bleeding hemorrhoids, nephrolithiasis and cholelithiasis, edema, constipation, heart disease, tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis. Externally — in wounds, bleeding, skin diseases. But despite the wide range of activities are contraindications. During pregnancy, especially in recent months, nettle contraindicated. Not designated it and with thrombophlebitis.

To improve the heart — a decoction of nettle leaves 5 table. Spoons of raw materials — 0.5 water, simmer on low heat, take half a cup 4 times a day.

When cramps, stomach pains — a decoction of the roots. 1 teaspoon of dried root boiled for 5 minutes in a glass of milk. The fourth part is used once, then every 2 hours — 2 tablespoons.

Improves liver herb: 4 tablespoons 0.5 water, boil for 5 minutes, drain. In broth diluted with one tablespoon of honey and drink hot.

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