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Good Bye Sun unnecessary have to live? Yes! I live easily, with interest. You prevent the extra pounds? It’s time to get rid of them!

Paradox: our main problem and it is a joy — food — is no longer just a means of satisfying hunger. It is something more. We just chew on anything to do seizes trouble and cover rich table, wanting to sit with those who are dear to us, to celebrate the joyous occasion. Shared meal makes us closer — and turns to his servants, accustomed to tasty but heavy, high-calorie foods. Let’s own system of values take food place that it really deserves, and changing attitudes to this aspect of life.


Determined to lose weight and improve your health, try to convince of the need for change in food habits of all households — together you will achieve better results. First, go to simple foods and not have to cook each separately. And secondly, to lose weight for the company is much more fun and easier. Checked!


It’s hard to give up the foods that nutritionists recommend to have a «black list»? Looking for a good alternative! I adore hearty salads with mayonnaise? Skip to light, vegetables, dressed them a drop of oil or low-fat sour cream. Can not live without sweets? Terms himself to a handful of prunes or dried apricots. Do you like juice? Ready zahoplyuysya not — they added the manufacture of sugar. But fresh — please! Meat eaters will be happy to lean piece of beef and boiled chicken lovers of fish — salmon slice.


Our daily need for calories Metabolism is multiplied by a factor of physical activity. You can calculate the same number of calories for a formula where the basis is the average basic metabolism, which is one kilocalories (kcal) or 4 184 kilojoules (kJ) per kg of body weight:

1 kcal / kg more on the nominal weight (in kg) and multiplied by 24 hours. For example:

1 kcal / kg more at 70 kg and multiply by 24 hours = 1680 calories. For a man 170 cm tall and weighing 70 kg nominal weight is determined by the formula: Nominal weight (in kg) = height of the body (in cm) — 100 = 70 lbs.




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