All about Facial Toner


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All about Facial TonerWhat are tonics (lotions)? To complete cleansing of the skin (ie, the funds are used after jelly, mousse or gel). They remove the remnants of dirt and cleaning agents that are always present on the skin after washing. If you do not clear them, eventually it will negatively affect the skin (found that this is one of the most common causes of dryness, tightness, uneven color and irritated epidermis). In addition, lotions tone and moisturize your skin, preparing it to spray cream.

How to choose the right tonic?

Based on the type of skin (it is usually printed on the product label). This is required because the lotion composition varies depending on the skin for which they are intended. For example, the means — for sensitive skin may include cornflower, chamomile, panthenol, bisabolol, allantoin and hlitsyryzynovu acid — ingredients that soothe the epidermis, relieve irritation and redness. In the tonic for oily skin add propolis, sage, eucalyptus, calendula — extracts provide anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial activity porosuzhivayuschim. And in lotions for normal to combination skin present lavender, rose mallow and amino acids — they make the prevention of aging myneralyzuyut and moisturize. Whatever type of skin you possess, do not buy tonics containing alcohol: these funds much dry and water-saving violate the natural function of the skin. Also, avoid large numbers of flavors — they can cause an allergic reaction.

How to use a toner?

Use it needs every day, morning and evening after washing. The face and neck with a cotton wipe disk, which caused tonic. Hand movements should be easy, no pressure from the center to the periphery. Drug residues are not removed from the skin. For a century, it is desirable to use special lotions for the skin around the eyes: they are more sensitive and contain components that reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

How to Store tonic?

In a cool place, like any cosmetic products (away from central heating and directional light sources). Printed bottle can store less than a year.

Is there an addiction to tonic?

They do not have addictive as, for example, some serum as tonics intended for daily care. But it is advisable to change them with the cream to both vehicles were on a cosmetic line.

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