Before the New Year


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Before the New Year ...Want the holiday was really fascinating, but do not have time to prepare? Something you have time to do.

Set performance.

Think quick story or composition is a mix of the famous Oriental tales and detective stories. DISTRIBUTION role (because you already know exactly who will be on New Year's party) and let each prepare their own role. It is not necessary to think of each cue, the main thing — to introduce all of the major milestones and events that occur, in which each will have its own role. The rest of the party can be held as usual.

Prepare a photo shoot.

And best friends do not show in the evening dresses, and costumes. For this pre-pile paint, take on hire or borrow from friends Wigs (take any — even purple dreadlocks anyone seem fine) and do not forget the accessories — scarves, cards, necklaces and belts. In general, anything that will make an unusual way.

Think of fun games.

You can prepare the old New Year's fun. In the stretched rope hangs … Here your imagination is not limited to: nuts, boots, stuffed with mint candy … In a festive night Suggest to friends cut keepsake. Pre-tying visitor's eyes, hands him a pair of scissors. Let it blindly chooses a souvenir.

Learn the basics of divination.

If horoscopes are full of all the magazines and newspapers that palmistry is still something mysterious and attractive. So berys for books and master its basics. No need to delve into the importance of crosses and dots in different parts of the palm importantly — learn the main lines crossing and frequently occurring symbols. For the uninitiated in the intricacies of palmistry this would be sufficient. Besides, you're not seriously going to hold a session of divination. This is just a humorous show. And you, knowing my friends, "predict" them exactly what they are seeking, or what most expect from next year. Let believe that it will come true!

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