Dieting Does not otkazivay yourself of food but how


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Diet.  Do not otkazivay himself in food!  But how? If you decide to lose weight, are diet and will help you whether you need it at all? As they say: "If you want to lose weight, do not deprive yourself of food. Simply eat all you want, but at 90 cents a day." Perhaps rightly so. When you sit down on a diet (protein, water or even any), you do not think that rids the body whose vital substances. Even if all nutritionists shout loudly about what a product can easily replace the other — it's not true. If you are used to eating at a certain pace and then abruptly began to limit yourself to a meal, you may lose weight, but further results can be quite sad. If you have a really serious problem and without dieting, you by no means be able to do (eg with height 165 weight 80 kg), it is best to consult an expert who can help you.

For those who just want to lose a few pounds, I can say for sure: "If you have normal kidney function, then drink more water." When you drink — it interrupts hunger. In addition, the summer is coming and drink in any case be hotitysya more and more, so when want something to eat — drink of water. Just be sure without gas. And do not forget about sports. Go to shaping, aerobics or gym. Success is guaranteed. One of my friends personally tried this method myself. Dropped 7 lbs. At first she just drank water constantly (day 3-4), and then began to add her usual food. Now it anything does not deny. Simply due to the water stomach has shrunk and now she eats much less, though all he wants. In sport and keeps his 54 lbs. (With the growth of 169 cm).

For those who have problems with the kidneys can offer no such option. When you sit down to eat — divide the portion into 4 parts. Originally s'dayte 3 of the four (about a week) and then 2 of four (second week), then only one. you get used to eat a little. Stomach shrink and you will not notice you start to lose weight. Do not forget about sports.

And another tip last. Do not eat after 19:00. This is one of the most basic rules. I do not know why, but it works perfectly.

Good luck to you! Grow thin and be happy!

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