Shower as a form of massage


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Shower as a form of massageOne kind of massage, in addition to general and local self-massage, shower massage. This water treatments used in prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. Talking about life-massage, we mean water treatment, which is carried out without soap at a temperature of about 35 °-C.

Shower Massage can replace local and general massage of the child. It can be done at home. This type of massage can be used from infants baby. After hygienic water treatment the child is placed under a stream of warm water that falls from the water dispenser in the bathroom. The duration of this procedure strictly dosed, depending on age and individual child’s health and should not take more than 7-10 minutes. Water temperature is also strictly individual. Under the streams of falling water, the baby’s body is massaged. And depending on the water pressure, the direction of the jet child receives a different feeling, therefore, reached a different effect.

Depending on the strength of the pressure water jets, the angle of incidence, etc. there are several types of massage shower: fan, rainy, needle, circular, ascending and others. Each in its own way affects young body. Yes, rain, dust and needle types used per treatment for the nervous system and its disorders. Fan shower provides therapeutic and preventive effects on the child with metabolic disorders, obesity. Upward shower is used in the treatment of digestive system. Different types of massage shower and appointed in disorders and injuries of joints and skeletal system of children. Therapeutic massage, usually appointed by the attending physician and performed under the supervision of medical personnel. Home souls positively affect young organism that develops. A warm shower massage calms the nervous system of the child, while the cold water flows tone and temper. With regular use of a cold shower in the child produced resistance to various diseases and hypothermia. The child is sick less respiratory and other diseases. Cold shower massage substitute of the child during the short summer rain. The water temperature for the shower massage can be changed, alternating portions of very hot water with cold. -

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