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Posted by souicom | Posted in Clothing | Posted on 14-05-2013

Children's EducationParenting & ndash-a very important task, especially for new parents. And well, if grandparents timely advice on how to act in one way or another situation. But there are circumstances where all the difficulties have to take responsibility for their parents' shoulders.

Sometimes young parents make the fatal mistake of believing that the child is too small for education. Raising a child should be engaged immediately after his birth. Of course, at every level of child development & ndash-has its own nuances educational work. The following errors undertaken by parents & ndash-is insufficient, or no incentive for the child. It is naive to believe that the range of educational activities, is only different kinds of sentences, and educational discussions. If the child is to say that he bad & ndash-he himself believes in it. And we need to educate the future of human capital letters. Praise, as a type of promotion plays a big role in a child's upbringing. If you notice your child for the first time took the spoon in the right hand, or on their own shod slippers & ndash-be sure to express your appreciation. Children are very sensitive as to punishment, and to praise. Immediately after birth, it is necessary to build a trusting relationship with him. With age, the child will not feel embarrassed to consult with you. Share its joys and sorrows. But it is worth once wrong to behave herself and the child is shut in itself. After, it will be difficult to establish a good relationship with the child. If you want to solve a problem child, even petty, try to approach it very seriously. Think of yourself as a child, you were waiting for the moment when my father promised to go with you to the river to let the paper boats. Now it seems trivial. There is a time & ndash-East, no & ndash-and so descend. Children look at it differently.

Punishment & ndash-one factor in parenting. I hasten to note, the punishment should be fair and not demeaning to the child. The child is very sensitive nature and humiliation will not benefit. It is believed that children should be physically punished, or they do not understand their misconduct. This is a mistake. I know many families where the parents never raised children with a belt, and it is not reflected in the good behavior of these children. In contrast, in families where corporal punishment is considered normal & ndash-children obviously need a good education.

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