Do as Bill Gates


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Do as Bill Gates!What to do if you caught up with ardent feelings in the service?

Recently, you suddenly caught myself thinking that the manager of the sales department is looking at you especially clear eyes … At work, you are now going like a holiday, but your hand every morning automatically unzips the extra buttons on your favorite blouse. Based on the symptoms, you naklovuyetsya office romance!

Today's rapid pace of development of the market is forcing us to spend more time at work, time and privacy are left. As a consequence, a growing number of people who are introduced and relationships directly tied to the office. Now in large holdings employs 15% of couples.

Advantages of this type of merging personal and social presence: the lovers of employees increased vitality, increased resistance to stress and routine work is exciting and is transformed into the creative process. And who knows, maybe the wedding is over right? It is caught up arrow of Cupid and workaholic millionaire Bill Gates right on the spot when he occasionally looking up from the computer, I saw in the window of his office employee charming Melinda French. It was she who later became his wife, …

However, not all service stories end this way. To meet the "friend Novosel" is not turned to you and release troubles, we should remember a few simple things.

First, your chosen one does not have to be married. Such stories inevitably give rise to gossip among colleagues and eventually reach families most in love. Not to mention the fact that it is unlikely such a relationship could develop into something serious. Often it ends unpleasant disputes or even scandal (if spouse, losing patience, appear in the office). Most people are mistaken passionate impulse, which usually occurs on mission for the authentic feel. In this situation, the woman should be wiser and just to nip to torture convergence.

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