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Must admit you ...Something you do not like an intimate relationship with a partner? Talk to him frankly. I hear his wishes, as you probably also do not know everything about his passions.

Stereotypes as quickly and firmly rooted in our minds that we do not even think about their falsity, although they can easily spoil our lives. It's time to get rid of them!

Not all and not always like to be "first." Men are also sometimes want to stay as a sort of embattled macho, which you want to seduce and conquer. If his view stretches desire, while you see that he expects action from you, not vtrachaysya — take the initiative in their hands. This unpretentious role games will bring variety to your relationship. And do not be afraid to be rejected if it is not set to lovemaking, you will understand it quickly. However, he may change his mind …

A common mistake! In fact, if a man indifferent partner, but is now for some reason he can not have fun, then it may also represent. Suppose it is exhausted from work, he does not give rest any thoughts on ignorance or partner is doing something wrong. In order not to hurt her beloved and express gratitude for the favor, he would moan, whisper tenderness and may even play orgasm.

If you found out about his hypocrisy, slow upset. His behavior only proves that he loves you and does not want to hurt. In fairness confession: you, too, sometimes depicting fun.

But if the situation repeats, talk openly with your partner and find out why. Not be able to fix things yourself — consult a specialist.

Skilful and long grace certainly all pleasant. But even they are not always necessary to tighten, with great excitement and can "burn". Explain this partner. And even more unacceptable to impose a prelude, if you want a quickie. No need to turn foreplay into zanudotnu mandatory provisions. Sex — a feeling, emotion, is it possible to subject them to strict algorithm? Learn to feel and understand each other, and if necessary negotiate. Do not be ashamed to tell your sweetheart that today you do not set up for long affection or, conversely, you want to stretch your satisfaction.

Young men, of course, does not need foreplay — he often "ready" after one of the exciting touch. But the older man, the more he needs time to prepare. Do not skimp on the affection — and your beloved will be grateful to you. Even if a partner rather quickly excited, he still wants to have fun, not only from orgasm but of sexual play. Learn his erogenous zones (closely keep track of his response to different actions) and stimulate them — through kissing, stroking, licking, pokusuvan.

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