Time to say goodbye


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Time to say goodbyeSmoking — poison. It is known to all. But what many of us so hard to get rid of this poison? What can help?

Why some people can not stand the spirit of tobacco smoke, and the other he was "sweet and nice"? It turns out that the nature of this relationship — not only the social and psychological, but also biological.

Scientists have discovered that the human body can be present so-called gene smoking. It is most commonly found in people who are prone to depression and nervous breakdowns. Among these smokers — 70%. Children of parents who smoke are exposed to high risk. And the hardest thing is difficult to treat form of dependence on nicotine — psychosomatic — it turns people from families where both parents smoke — especially mothers. Even if your family all smoke and you wear to a "tobacco" gene is not discouraged. Fight the destructive addiction and it can still win! And you!

Many people have justification own tobacco dependence. Some smoke in order to better sleep, others — to improve digestion and relieve stress. But the fact is that as an adaptogen nicotine is just the first time. When it occurs addictive, with none of these problems, he is not charged, but harm the body.

Food Rights, stop smoking, and should be easy with a lot of vitamin C (citrus fruits, peppers, currants). It should lean on green vegetables — cabbage, lettuce, spinach, etc. Since nicotine blocked appetite, after parting with a cigarette first time may experience an irresistible urge to consume high calorie, bystrousvoyaemym food, especially sweets. This should be avoided. Drink juices, eat fruits and lemon podkyslennuyu food. It's slow sugar cravings.

All vegetables of the nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers) are rich in nicotinic acid deficiency which is acutely aware of the man who quit smoking. These products must be on the table. When unbearably want to smoke, you need something to occupy your mouth: seeds, candy, chewing gum. A mentally distracted help books or crossword puzzles.

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